these are our combined ideas, dreams, and passions brought to life.
this is our collective experience.

Meghan Stone

Meghan’s love of Latin America and exploring other cultures began early on in her yearly trips across the Nogales, Arizona/Mexico border with her family. She has been lucky enough to visit over 20 different countries across 5 continents. In 2009, after completing graduate school, Meghan found herself finally traveling through South and Central America… a trip that she had been fantasizing about her whole life. She fell in love with Argentina and decided to move there in 2010. Her passions include photography, cooking, traveling, making things with her hands, culture, literature, music, drawing, friends, and family. Contact Meghan at meghan@piola.me

Simone Calbi

Simone studied film at Boston University with a concentration in documentary filmmaking and history. Upon graduating she left to begin the travels she had long dreamt about, while living in places like Australia, Indonesia, and Mexico for extended periods of time, exploring and covering long distances in each country. Simone worked freelance doing film work in a number of the above mentioned places, but with a burning passion to learn Spanish she planted herself in Buenos Aires. For the past two years she has been able to kindle her love of languages and begin a new journey trying to investigate, document, and share her interests. She wishes to share new multimedia related to culture, being human, nature, photography, art, music, and more. Contact Simone at simone@piola.me

If you would like to be a guest contributor on Piola, or you have suggestions for us, please write to us at contact@piola.me

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